Doggy Dreamzzz 🎉 Why A Good Sleep Matters


      Doggie Dreams: why a good sleep matters. Two little dog sleeping on pink fluffy dog bed
Doggy dreamzzz are real, hoomans. 
Oh, and the scientists even think you’re in them! 

As the resident doggo dreamer around here, I’m just going to jump right in and nip this in the bud. Yes, dogs really do need a proper bed. On average, we spend more than half our day sleeping! That’s a lot of time we’d much rather spend in comfy calming bliss than on wet grass, hard floors, and saggy daggy old beds!

Yep, just like our two-legged furriends, quality sleep and orthopaedic support can do wonders for our physical and mental wellbeing… and even lead to some pretty pawsome dreamzzz! And while I can’t speak for every dog (I much prefer barking), I’ve rounded up a few of my besties to spill the beans on some of their favourite dreams…

Baxter the dog very happy on his comfy fluffy bed with clouds around him

I've been known to be a bit active in my sleep... You know all those neighbourhood walkies, toy-chewing sessions, and important postie barking alerts we get up to when we’re awake? Well, we do them when we’re asleep too.

In fact, remembering all the things that had our tails wagging during the last 24 hours is believed to be one of the most common types of doggy dreams.

Pawsonally I just woke up from my cosy bed remembering an exciting meet, greet ‘n sniff with that cute new rescue at the park. And before that I dreamt of those thirty six seconds yesterday when I thought mum was finally going to give in and send a dinner scrap my way. 


Australian multicoloured bulldog sitting on pink fluffy dog bed, 'Maui is dreaming of being an action star'

To the untrained eye, this dog bod of mine may appear to be… ‘laidback’. But unless you’ve joined me in my dreams, you wouldn’t know what kinds of extreme adventures I get up to. Like chasing magpies! I’ve heard it’s rabbits for farm dogs and burglars for Dobermans but for me... it’s magpies. In real life they see me coming and fly away. But not when I’m getting some serious shuteye on quality orthopaedic memory foam. That’s when I go from hound to hero!

There’s no tree too high. No street too wide. No creek bed too low. No… oooh, what’s that smell? Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. My second favourite dream is going on an all-day sniffari. Gotta go, there’s a lamppost over there with my name on it! 



Small Griffon Bruxellois snuggled into a fluffy bed with his head resting on the dog bed. 'Jellybean is dreaming of... being awake?'
As much as I love drifting off into 12-14 hours of beauty sleep, I also want to make sure I don’t miss a moment of awake-time on my oh-so-cosy calming bed. That’s when I do some of my best daydreaming. What happens if I actually catch my tail when I’m chasing it? Is Santa Paws real? Am I mum’s favourite? Why does orthopaedic memory foam feel so good? Does the cat know that I know where she goes at night?

Yep, you might be surprised to find out that I’m so thoughtful, but recent research suggests that good brain health is actually more common in dogs that get quality rest than those who don’t. Here’s to keeping those daydreams coming!


Little fluffy pomeranian on fluffy bed, 'Poro is dreaming of true love'

Promise I’m not just sucking up to get my paws on a luxury new bed or anything, but my pawrents really are the most important thing in my world! That’s why when I head off to the land of nod, I usually dream about all the ways I love to show my affection. Don’t believe me? One of the clever hoomans from Harvard Medical School said that “Basically, anything and anyone your dog engages with regularly is fair game when it comes time to dream.”

All I know is that during this morning’s calming nap, I dreamt I got mum’s attention with the beautiful big hole I dug for her in the garden. And last night I dreamt of telling dad it was time to wake up by giving him a nice big kiss right on the nose. Speaking of waking up – is it time for bed yet?


Chocolate labrador sprawled out lying on her back, 'Sheba is a dreaming of #doggoals'

I may be a large dog, but I dream even bigger. That one day, dad’s slippers will be mine, all mine. That I’ll have unlimited use of the backyard to store my most precious bones and toys. Be recognised for my work training hoomans to fetch properly. Wake up to breakfast in bed each morning. Pee on every pole in my suburb. Collect all the odd socks for my trophy corner. Get to dine on my kibble in private. Enjoy great furriendships with cats. And finally put an end the torture that is bath time.

Am I asking for a lot? Maybe. Do I think anything is pawsible when I’m conked out, legs in the air and quite possibly drooling? (Fear not, the cover is washable.) Pup yeah!


Chubbs is dreaming of... sleepover pawties!
I'm lucky that my mum looks after other doggos pretty regularly so I get to have furriends around, but as soon as they leave I'm dreaming of the next sleepover... Let the pawty never end I say! 

Ah well, until then I have this cosy massage bed which feels pretty much like snuggling!



Sandwiches & Milo are dreaming of: becoming famous petfluencers
Sandwiches: Milo, can we take that again? I need to bring my snout down a touch
Milo: Omg Sandwiches fine, remember paw up and ears up
Sandwiches: Yep go! So keen for our new ring light coming in the mail btw
Milo: Me tooooo! And how cute do we look in this Possum Bed? The colour tones are pawfect and it's super soft. Did you hear it's memory foam? 
Sandwiches: Whaaat that's pawsome! 


From anti-anxiety calming beds to top quality support for weary bones or simply giving your furry bestie a comfy space to call their own, Kazoo’s quality range of dog beds are here to help all those sweet dreamzzz come true.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your dog being on cloud canine. The perfect bed for your pooch.

Think you know what your dog’s dreaming of? Let us know in the comments below for your chance to win their dream bed.


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  • Melissa K

    I could see my girl Coco dreaming about a land full of squeaky chicken chew toys, treats and tummy rubs! Following on Instagram @itsmissmeliss24

  • Tiarna

    Instagram is @adventuresofnahla_

    Nahla will be moving in July into her very own first time home with her parents and her dream would be to get a new bed to snuggle up into in her new house 😍

  • Gill

    @ lulu_the_super_poodle
    I’m sure my Lulu dreams of cuddles ,treats particularly chicken jerky or playing with her fur cousins
    Lulu in typical poodle style will sleep on her back with her paws in the air I’m sure sometimes she definitely dreaming about food cause she starts drooling 😂
    And when I believe she’s dreaming about cuddles as soon as she wakes up she’ll coming running over and put her paws around my neck and her head on my shoulder

  • Gabrielle Cole

    My dog dreams of chasing balls and watching TV with other dogs and the football- rugby league

  • Leona Strong
    Charming Charms dreams of getting lots of attentuon,love, play and hugs , special treats and a full tummy derserving

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