Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff

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It’s funny cause it’s true.

Or, to put it another way, dogs have landlords, cats have tenants.

When you live with cats and dogs you quickly notice the differences between the two species.

Dogs live in your world. They fit in around you and do their best to make you happy.

But with cats, well things are slightly different. With cats, you’re living in their world. They are the rulers of the home.

‘So what does that make me?’ we hear you ask.

Well, you are a courtier. A trusted servant favoured by her feline majesty and entrusted with her happiness and wellbeing.

And the dog?

Well, to his royal nibs King Felix the first, the dog is basically a court jester. Likeable enough, but essentally a provider of entertainment or games when life gets a bit dull.

Now don’t think that because you are a courtier your cat doesn’t love you. She most assuredly does. It’s just that she loves you in her own way and on her own terms.

The dog will give you unconditional love and as much of it as you can handle. But with the cat, well, you have to work for it.

So what can you do to ensure you keep the “Queen” of the household happy?



Well, the first thing, is to get her a throne. Preferably one that’s high up.

A place where she can sit and survey her loyal subjects as they bustle round the house doing her bidding.

And where she can sleep safely out of range of the boisterous border collie or grumpy golden retriever. 
Cat in kazoo cat playground in different poses

Here at Kazoo, we have a wide range of cat furniture perfectly manufactured to the royal standards.


cat in kazoo high bed scratch post
Like our luxurious high bed scratch post with rope.

Featuring a plush cushion bed for the regal slumber and a sturdy scratch post and strong sisal rope for when her majesty wishes to frolic.


cat in kazoo lookout window cat bed
Or the stately lookout window cat bed which allows her to bask in the sun and keep an eye on what is going on both inside the palace and in the royal gardens.



Occasionally a queen has to do battle with a neighbouring cat or show her claws to a household dog that has become a bit too full of itself.

 And that’s why the royal claws need to be maintained in tip top condition.

kazoo cat scratch posts
To do this, her majesty favours the large scratch post from Kazoo. 

The tough sisal build enables her to remove the dead outer layer of her claws, mark her territory and stretch and flex.



Being a queen, it is of course essential that she look at her best at all times. And that’s why she will spend a great many hours a day grooming herself.

kazoo cat grooming comb and cat brush
But you can assist her in the maintenance of the royal coat by using some of our stylish cat grooming products.



Occasionally her majesty may want to partake in a bit of exercise. And for just such an occasion, we have designed the Kitty Tower Playground.

Kazoo kitty tower cat playground
Ladders, tough sisal ropes and robust fabrics allow her to climb and scratch to her heart’s content, whilst the multiple platforms and comfy hammocks are perfectly placed for when her highness needs a quick catnap.



It can be hard work looking after a queen. They can often be demanding or be a bit of a sourpuss.

But when you do get that royal purr of approval, the rubbing of the head against your leg and the gentle kneading of the paws, you suddenly realise that the queen and master is actually just one smitten kitten who loves you as much as you love her.

kazoo cat queen in bed






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  • Josie

    Love this. So true about the royalty of the house 😂
    I need to get my little queen a scratching post so we don’t have to lock her out!

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