Meet the Mascots 👋


Meet the mascots

It's time that we rectified an error...

For many years we have talked about our Kazoo Krew. That group of dedicated people and pets who represent our brand and work tirelessly to make sure every aspect of it is as good as it can pawsibly be.

These humans (and animals) are the lifeblood of our brand and we quite literally could not do what we do without them. But there is another segment of our Krew that deserve recognition for their tireless work across our brand. A group who are always in the public eye, promoting products, relaying important information and generally adding a touch of swagger and dash to our website.


Kazoo Krew group shot with the mascots

We are, of course, talking about our beloved mascots/models. Six unique and colourful characters that have been with us since our brand’s inception way back in 2008. But let’s not just call them our mascots. That’s so impawsonal. Each of them has their own names and some very distinctive purrsonalities. 

There’s Barney the dog, Mittens the cat, Vivi the bunny, Rocket the fish, Happy the bird and Chomp the turtle. And each of them is based on a real pet owned by a member of the Kazoo Krew.

But rather than have us tell it to you, we thought it would be more fun to let our animated animals do it for themselves.

So, if you’re ready?.......


Barney mascot art info card

Hi folks, I’m Barney the beagle and I’ve been with the Kazoo Krew since the beginning. If you didn't already know, Kazoo is a family business run by four brothers and I've been their furvourite pet since they were all teens.

Like most beagles, I’m a working dog. It’s just that my work isn’t chasing after foxes. No, I do something a bit different. I’m what we in the trade call a packaging model.

You’ll see my face on everything from clippers, toys, clothing, chew treats and more. You’ll even see it on the packaging for our poop bags. Yep, you heard me, poop bags. Not my finest hour, I’ll admit, but I am under contract.

When Kazoo told me I was going to be featured in a blog, I started digging through my old portfolio and I found this.

 Barney original dog

Yikes!!!! Yep, that’s me. Way back in 2008. Honestly, I hardly recognise myself.

Who’d have thought that a big-headed, moon-eyed mutt like that could turn into the handsome and debonair beagle I am today. Of course, I’ve gone under the pen a few times. Most recently in 2019, when I had a bit of work done from my illustrator. He changed the shape of my eyes, gave me ear extensions and made my paws a touch more svelte.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t cheap but it was totally worth it. And now I’m the face (and body) of the Kazoo dogswear division. It’s not an easy gig. There’s always younger drawings of dogs coming through and trying to take my place.

But I work hard to stay in dogtacular shape. I do a lot of running, chasing after my Kazoo dog toys and keep my impressive jawline and bone structure by chewing on Kazoo mighty bones and playing regular games of tug-o-war with my human.


Mittens mascot art info card

Meowdy there, humans. I’m Mittens and I’m a spokesperson for Kazoo’s range of cat toys, beds, treats, grooming products and all the rest.

When I first joined the Kazoo furmily back in 2008, I wasn’t the well put together feline you see right now.

In fact, I looked like this.

Mittens the original cat

I mean, you can see there’s potential, but there’s clearly a lot of work to do. Luckily Kazoo have a great range of cat grooming tools and I was clipped, manicured, brushed and deshedded until I became sleek, shiny and stylish. I also put a fair amount of time into the cat playgrounds, and scratching posts and really used them to improve my fursique.

Now, I’m not the sort of feline that would just put their name to any old product. I’ve got my repurrtation to think about.

So, when Kazoo asked me if they could use my likeness across their range, I decided that I would have to road test all the products thoroughly to make sure they came up to scratch. I climbed on the cat playgrounds, played with the toys, sharpened my claws on the scratching posts,had a cat nap or three in the cat beds and, well basically, experienced the whole kitten caboodle.

And I’m pleased to inform you, everything was purrfect. 

Rocket mascot art info card

When I arrived at Kazoo, 15 years ago, I was a fish out of water. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life and felt a bit out of plaice.

Rocket the original fish

But tanks to the Kazoo Krew, I quickly found my porpoise. I was given a great opportunity to test out all the new cool fish tank ornaments.

Now I spend my days cruising the balmy waters of fish tanks and exploring all the great shipwrecks, bridges, underwater gardens, castles, rock formations and all the rest. I tell ya, it’s a bream come true.

Now Kazoo use my image to promote all their bestselling products and my career has soared to new heights. Maybe that’s why I’m called Rocket!


Happy mascot art info card

I don’t mean to be cocky, but when people see me on the Kazoo website, they come flocking to buy a product. That’s because, for the last 15 years, I’ve been employed by Kazoo as an inflewencer. I test out products like bird toys, perches, bird feeders and cuttlebones... and then tweet about it to my followers. 

If I recommend an item, then it’s pretty much guaranteed to fly off the shelf.


Happy the original mascot

But I tell you, it wasn’t always like that. Would you believe that I used to be really shy and wouldn’t say a peep? Yep, I was a real chicken and it took me almost two years to pluck up the courage to go for the job with Kazoo.

Happy original pet

But then my career really took off and now, apparotly, I am one of the highest paid birds on the internet!!!


Chomp mascot art info card

Well, well, well. Looks like the tortoise beats the hare on this blog. How’d ya like them apples, Vivi? Or should it be carrots? If history has tortoise anything it’s that we turtles/terrapins/leatherbacks are slow moving creatures.

Why, it took me 11 years to go from this little guy…..

Chomp the original turtle

And that’s probably why Kazoo put me in charge of quality control. You see, when I test a product, I like to take my time. I explore every stitch, every screw and every bolt. I make sure everything looks right, works right and tastes right. 

Only then, when everything is exactly as it should be, will I allow it to be put on the website. And yeah, Vivi will tell you that I’m not the fastest at my job. But if you see my picture next to a product, then you know, without a shadow of doubt, that it is a quality item.

Sorry to rabbit on, folks. Vivi, over to you.


Vivi mascot art info card

Hi peeps,

I’m Vivi and my job on the Kazoo website is to make sure that all the rabbit products are top hole. I test all the drinking bottles, slicker brushes and rabbit homes, and, if I dig ‘em, then they get put on the website alongside a picture of me.

When I first applied for the job with Kazoo, I didn’t get my hops up. I knew there would be hundreds of rabbits going for the gig and that I was a longshot.

Vivi original rabbit

But I needed the doe, so I threw my paw into the ring. And amazingly, they picked me. Well, since then, my career has gone up in leaps and bounds. And now I make the big bucks!

So, there you have it folks.

The story behind all those cute little drawings you see on our website. But the story doesn’t end there. Because now, we have brought our mascots to life. Not literally, of course, this isn’t Toy Story. But we have taken inspirations from our animated mascots and turned them into the cutest, chewiest range of toys that your pet ever sank their teeth and claws into.

So now your pet can chewse from Barney, Mittens, Rocket, Happy, Chomp and Vivi and make up their own stories and games that are sure to get tails wagging!!!

GIVEAWAY dog with all the mascots squeaky toys




Which one of our Kazoo mascots
is your furvourite and why?

Tell us for your chance to win one!

Competition closed! Congrats to our five lucky winners:


1. Comment below and tell us which mascot is your furvourite and why. Don't forget to include your Instagram handle in your comment so we can ensure your entry qualifies!

2. You also need to following us on Instagram (as we will be sharing winners there).

Entries close midnight on 13 August 2023. Five winners will be drawn and announced on our Instagram page by 14 August 2023.

This competition is open from 04.08.23 12:00pm – 13.08.23 11:59pm AEST. Entrants must follow @kazoopet on Instagram, comment on the blog and include their Instagram handle to qualify for entry. Winners to be announced on the @kazoopet Instagram account by 14.08.23. This competition is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram. One entry per person, open to Australian & New Zealand residents.



  • Micah Lollipop

    Well I’d definitely have to choose Mittens because they are a gorgeous grey kitty like my brother and I love my brother very much (don’t tell him I said that!). Insta: micahlollipop

  • Bianca

    Chomp the Turtle! Beyond cute, full of character & super nice and chill – all good qualities! @biancak9

  • Daisy

    Mittens the kitten – because I’m chasing my best mate nala (the cat) around and I really need my own kitten to myself. Plus I love how cute and fluffy mittens is.

  • Jodie Buckley

    All the mascots are gorgeous but I’d have to choose Barney :) If Barney didn’t work so hard packing all the fantastic merch from Kazoo our beloved pets wouldn’t receive the amazing products !! My fav thing is my Kazoo Sleeping Round Bed 💤

  • Nubs & Rose

    As a fellow pup and hard worker our favourite would have to be Barney. He is such a cutie and as I am currently teething a fun squeaking toy would be a great buddy. :)
    Love Nubs

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