GIVEAWAY - Our pets and their pawsonalities


One of the few upsides to this lockdown is the fact that we get to spend considerably more time with our pets. And as we do, we get to see new and different sides to their personalities. Funny little quirks and idiosyncrasies that we never really noticed until lockdown threw us in such close proximity.

All these amazing pawsonality traits have got the Kazoo Krew really excited. We’ve started comparing notes, taking pics and watching closely for any new or unexpected behaviour.

And now we want to share it with you.

So join us as we reveal some of our hilarious, touching, cute or downright weird lockdown pet stories.

Pets dog and cat cuddle

Rochana has been part of the Kazoo Krew for just over a year. A lot of the time, she’s out on the road, visiting pet stores all over NSW. But when she gets home, she relaxes with her four kids (if that’s humanly possible) and her two fur babies. 

Lockdown has allowed Rochana to spend much more time with her pets than usual and she’s noticed that everything is not as it seems. 

dogs and cats being cheeky

Let’s start with Stella. 

Stella - no mug:  If there’s food around anywhere in the house, Stella will find it and eat it. Even if it doesn’t belong to her. But she gives mum great facial massages with her paws, so all is furgiven. 

Aurora – indoor working dog: Aurora’s a cattle dog that thinks she’s a lapdog. The only thing she rounds up is cushions on the couch just before she takes a nap. Still, she plays very nicely with Stella, so at least there’s no fighting like cats and dogs.



man and blue healer dog cuddling

My wife and I always knew Scally had a distinct personality, but it wasn’t until lockdown that we came to realise that, beneath those bright little eyes lurks a brain of surprising intelligence and truly Machiavellian levels of cunning.

Blue healer dog sleeping, playing and pooing

Begging – We call Scally a "kettle dog", cause he spends so much time around the kitchen. Whenever we’re eating, he suddenly appears and sits quietly within direct eyeline, although apparently not watching us at all. But we’re not fooled. Every single mouthful is clocked by one beady eye, and he springs into action the moment we throw a scrap his way.

Toy time – For most dogs, toy time is cute, right? But not for Scally. He methodically works his way around the hapless toy until he finds a weak spot. Then he chews on that spot until a hole is made. He then systematically pulls out the polyester fibre stuffing inside and sabotages the squeaker until it stops squeaking. (Which admittedly is a blessing.)

Doggy Do Do's - Scally is an intensely private dog, and when he goes out for his wee/poo, he always heads straight for the nearest bushes and vanishes behind them. But just before he does, he looks suspiciously over his shoulder to make sure he is not being watched. 

If we happen to make eye contact with him at this point, then he will turn around, wag his tail and refuse to “go.”



woman and dog with noses touching

Gomez is a 5yr old handsome pal. In fact, you've probably seen his face on this website more than once - as the pet of the creative director, he's the first port-of-call when it comes to modelling needs.

Lockdown has been brilliant for Gomez. Not only are the pawrents at home, but so are the human siblings - so there's always someone to throw a ball or have a game of tug-O-war. He's getting a lot of love, but we have noticed some rather odd behaviours...

dog watching woman work, dog rolling, dog having a bath, dog sleeping
Creative Muse
 - Gomez knows he's the star of the show and he’s down with that. BUT he doesn't like me spending too much time on my computer looking 
at other pets.  And those hands don't belong on the keyboard, they belong right in that special spot next to my ears. Scratching.

Toy Shredder - look, if the humans don't give him attention, he looks for attention elsewhere.

Pamper pooch - nothing beats a nice warm bath. Well, something does, and that's a good roll in the grass straight after said bath

Snorer - well someone needs to do the daydreaming...



Woman with two parrots on either shoulder

Selina has been with Kazoo Krew since the very beginning and she is a regular sight in the warehouse with her parrots, Happy and Chilli, on her shoulder. 

Parrots playing, parrot eating and parrot wearing harness
Happy Home:
Happy rules the roost and Chili is a newcomer having only joined the house 6 months ago. 

Free Range: Both birds roam freely in the house during the day but put themselves to bed in their cages at night. 

Selina makes Happy happy: He waits at the door for her when she comes home after work. 

Un-Happy: For some reason, Happy gets really unhappy when he sees the colour yellow.



Woman holding and cuddling white and grey cat

Charles joined Lexie 3 years ago. It was a match made in heaven. He literally strolled up to her door one day, was never reclaimed and made his new home with Lexie. And boy has he made himself at home.

Cat in bed, cat next to book, cat near computer, cat under blanket
Prince Charles
 - Cats are the king of the jungle right? Well Charles is certainly the ruler of this domain. He likes to sit on his throne up high, the lord of his domain.

Nighttime reading – Charles likes to purruse a good book. 

Cat burglar - Charles has become rather particular about his blanket habits this lockdown and has started stealing them from me. Quite blatantly.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the Kazoo Krew's insights into living with their pets. And now we want to hear yours. 

We’d love you to share your stories on your pets. Doesn’t have to be canine. We want to hear about your cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles or anything else you have. Tell us what you’ve noticed about them during lockdown. Are they weird, kooky, funny, pompous, playful, smart, cunning, slightly mad or completely nuts?  

The best stories are in with a chance of winning a goodie pack to keep your furry or feathered friend busy and happy. 



For your chance to win a Kazoo goodie pack, simply:

1. Leave a comment on this blog telling us what funny, cute, silly, weird or wonderful behaviour you've noticed about your pet whilst spending more time with them (lockdown or not).
  REMEMBER to include your instagram handle in your comment

2. To enter, you also need to following us on instagram (as we will be sharing winners there)



We will be giving out 6 goodie packs over the next three weeks. 
3 winners will be drawn each week on the following dates and announced on our Instagram page.
- Friday 20th August
- Friday 27th August


This competition is open from 10.08.2021 12:00pm – 27.08.2021 12:00pm AEST. Entrants must follow @kazoopet on Instagram, comment on the blog and include their Instagram handle to qualify for entry. Winners to be announced on the @kazoopet Instagram account by 4:00pm AEST on the above dates. This competition is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.



  • JT

    Our cat Mochi ( has established a ‘lockdown’ routine with us working from home, which involves:
    - waking the humans up in the morning (deep breathing into our faces), and if weekend, morning cuddles;
    - guiding the sleepy humans to the door to the backyard for some morning sunbathing time;
    - pre-breakfast treats on humans’ lap and some kneading time!

    It gets a little boring from 9 to 5 for Mochi while we are working, but he has found many ways to amuse himself, like drinking from all the unattended cups around the house. If he’s not up to something naughty, he can usually be found ‘meditating’ on the dining table in a loaf pose!

  • Lisa

    Spending more time at home with our dog (Bosley) and two cats (Brutus & Nero) has meant that we can now see how their relationships with each other has evolved and how they interact.

    The two cats love and fight like brothers, but both cats have their own relationships with Bosley the dog.

    Bru and Bosley are best mates, cuddle, wrestle and groom each other, and if there is mischief to be found, they are in it together! Human going to the bathroom? They are both in there with them!

    Nero and Bosley have a more relaxed relationship, often found resting together and watching the world outside the front window together.

    Nero also starts purring the second we (the humans!) enter a room, a rather loud purring kitty engine that lets us know he’s happy we are here, and an invitation to have a sneaky lie down on the bed with him. Ok fine… but just for two minutes….

    If you need a serotonin hit throughout the day you just need to go looking for Bru’s favourite nap spots, and you’ll find him in one of many adorably luxurious sleeping positions, often belly up, or with his little paws stretched out, or hugging his face. Bam! Happy chemicals in your brain.

    Bosley has a “toy parade” every night before bed, where he picks one of his many toys for a parade around the lounge room, down the hall, and back again, then around the kitchen and back to the lounge room. Between laps he presents the toy to you, and you are expected to exclaim “oh my goodness you have a [insert toy name]!?!?!” Before he heads off on parade lap two and again before lap three. After this he will retire for the night.


  • Shona

    We discovered why all the fur babies treats where disappearing so quickly, turns out our kitties know how to open and close the pantry door 🙄

  • Shayna Jack

    Our neighbours dog has been very jealous of Hugo & Willa’s daily zoomies that he has been digging under the fence to join in. They then used blocks to block the fence but he has been so determined to join in he moves the blocks to keep coming over to join the party!
    Additionally another dog up the street has been escaping the yard and running down to our house, waiting at the door just to play with the Willa and Hugo. We are now the streets dog party house!

  • Seira

    Miki’s usual sleeping spot is in the living room. Since lockdown she has started herding the family into the living room so we can all be together. If she notices someone is missing she will look for them and usher them into the room with her. She reminds us to appreciate the time we have as a family.

    Instagram: @heyy.miki

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