We've never needed pets more

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We're all feeling it. Restrictions to our movements world-wide have led to more and more people confined to their homes. It's a dramatic change to our daily lives. However, there's one guaranteed mood-lifter during these socially isolated times, and that's having a pet! Dogs and cats around the world are counting their lucky stars to have their humans dedicate so much time to them. They're getting all the comfort-cuddles, and then some. Dogs have never had so many walks, to the extent they're protesting - who would have thought!? Cats have found new toys in laptops, and pets of all walks of life are making cameo appearances in Zoom calls around the world.

Wether it's then helping us see the funny moments, getting us out for a walk, or snuggling into the sweet spot just when you need it - It's great to hear and see the love of pets shining bring during rather grim times. If anything, we think it proves of the innate and special bond between animals and humans. Pets really do enrich our lives!

At Kazoo, we're sending healthy and happy thoughts to you all during these rough times. Grab a cuddle, a wet kiss or a snuggle where you can - and please send us any great pet moments you'd like to share at hello@kazoo.com.au.

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  • Nora Talbot

    I just done business with the owner of Kazoo.
    Daniel sent me an extra large Cloud dog bed for free.
    I was so impressed with his customer service.
    I receive the bed in less than 24 hours. In fact it arrived just 12 hours after it had been dispatched.
    I would certainly do business with this company in the future.
    They have a 5 star rating from me. Very happy with this Company.

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