Hermit Crab Heat Mat - Small 2.5 Watt

SKU: K016

Hermit Crab Heat Mat - Small 2.5 Watt

SKU: K016
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The Krabooz are used to the balmy days and warm waters of Island Raktor. And the colder Australian months can come as a nasty surprise to them.

Luckily you can take the chilly out of the crab by shelling out for a Krabooz heat mat.
Specifically designed for the Krabooz enclosure range, these heat mats not only keep your Pet Hermit Crab enclosure warm, they can also help maintain the correct humidity levels. 

Place the Heat Matz on the side of your Krabooz Home when the temperature consistently falls below 21 Shellcius (or underneath on your Cribz Enclosure that has a special spot for heating).

Low wattage 2.5W PTC heat safety technology

Some colder locations may require a larger Heat Mat to obtain optimal results.

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