Hermit Crab Substrate 1.2kg

SKU: K011

Hermit Crab Substrate 1.2kg

SKU: K011
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Want your Krabooz tribes to feel as comfortable as they would in the wild? Then you want to make sure you get this Zuper Zands bedding. The perfect substrate that actually replicates the land hermit crab’s natural environment.

Comprising 50% calcium sand and 50% coco fibre, Zuper Zands will have your pet hermit crabs burrowing happily in no time.

So don’t be shellfish. Give your Krabooz the bedding they deserve.

TIP: Wash sand before use. Increase the Zuper Zandz substrate depth during winter. Substrate depth should be minimum 3-4cm deeper than your largest hermit crab to allow for burrowing.

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