Hermit Crab Coloured Shells

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Hermit Crab Coloured Shells

SKU: K051M
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Treat your Krabooz with love and care and they will grow. And, as they do, they are going to need bigger accommodation. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean you have to keep shelling out for larger enclosures. You just need to buy them larger shells.
Fortunately, we’ve got you (and them) covered, with our range of spare shells.

They come in all your favourite tribal colours and in a variety of sizes to allow your hermit crab to find the perfect fit.

  • Available in Medium and Large size shells.
  • All shells are naturally slightly different in their shape and size.
  • Made from a natural shell, and a non-toxic paint has been used. Safe for hermit crab use.
  • Each spare shell includes a card to receive a free adoption certificate to claim online.

Shell sizes and shapes will vary

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