Kitty Silvervine Dental Chews - 10 pack

SKU: 14059

Kitty Silvervine Dental Chews - 10 pack

SKU: 14059
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Meowmy gets these silvervine dental sticks cause they are good for my teeth and remove excess plaque build-up. But that’s not why I like ‘em. No siree. I like ‘em beclaws they give me feelings of eu-fur-ia.

After a couple of minutes chewing, I start feline blissed out. The thing with silvervine is, it has a natural effect on us kitties that makes us want to rub our face on it, chew on, lick it, or even bunny kick it! 

But don’t worry, you. Silvervine is actually good for me and has zero side effects. I’m not kitten you. It just makes me more relaxed.

So, if you want to give me good teeth and good vibes, then these silvervine dental sticks are a good start. Besides, it's way easier than trying to brush my teeth. Just ask Catdad. 

Length 12cm

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