Christmas For The Whole Furmily 💜🎄



Christmas has to be my furvourite time of the year.

When I see mum and dad pull out Christmas tree, this warm excited tingle goes over me and my tail starts going nuts.

Maybe it’s because I know there’s going to be all sorts of yummy food coming my way on Christmas day. Turkey, roast potatoes, Christmas pud. It makes me drool just to think of it. Plus, the whole furmily spends more time at home which means I get heaps of quality time with my hoomans.

We play ball in the backyard, go on beach trips and veg out on the couch watching movies in the aircon when it gets too hot. 

But pawsonally, I reckon it’s because of the PAWRESENTS!!
Everyone together, unwrapping all that pretty paper, playing with new toys. It’s fangtastic.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, it all kicks off with my letter to Santa Paws.

I make mum go through every single page of the Kazoo store and then mum picks me a new coat or snuggie for winter. And a shiny new collar and leash. And maybe a bowl and a set of grooming clippers. Then it’s off to the toy section. And this is where things get tough. Cause there’s so…many…toys. Mum selects a couple of squeaky toys and a snuggly one cause she knows I’m a bit of a sook.

And then we go to the bit I love the most. The treats sectionAt this point I usually get drool all over the keyboard and mum gets a bit annoyed. But after she’s cleaned that up, she buys me a few packs of my favourite snacks.

Next, we buy presents for Mittens the kitten and Happy the parrot.

We check out all the playgrounds, toys, scratching posts, beds, bowls and grooming products and mum buys Mittens a new cat scratch post and a fun interactive toy.

Finally, it’s Happy’s turn.

Mum pecks him a new calcium perch to keep his beak strong and a few foraging toys. He’s so easily pleased, so once mum rotates out a regular toy for a Christmas bird toy, he'll be in a total flap.

Bird dreaming of Christmas presents

Then mum types up all the goodies in my letter to Santa Paws and I make her post it on the way to walkies.

And now comes the hardest part. Waiting for Christmas Eve, the best night of the year. 

The….days…..drag….past. But at last it comes.

Dad hangs up my stocking and, as usual, I try my hardest to stay awake and catch Santa Paws in the act.

But it never works. I always fall into a deep, deep sleep in my bed and miss him coming down the chimney.

Damn you comfy Kazoo bed!!

Shadow saying "I wiil stay awake"


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  • Celine

    I’d like to think everyday is like Christmas for my two 🐈🐈, but an extra special meowy catmas day might go something like this (as per their instructions)….

    - Early rise to ‘sing’ Christmas carols
    - A quick workout to get the blood pumping (zoomies!)
    - A hearty breakfast with a couple of extra treats. We have a big day ahead!
    - Last minute redecorating of the Christmas tree 🫣
    - Open gifts from Santa paws for being the goodest of kitties this year.
    - Supervise kitchen operations: this includes many taste tests and inspections of the turkey (one who looks like a roast knows best!)
    - A couple of cat naps
    - More treats

    Instagram: @2837cxz

  • Joy

    We always include our cats Biscuit and Pebbles in our Christmas tree! We have Christmas ornaments on our tree with photos of them and a stocking for the both of them. We usually go out to petbarn a few days before Christmas and buy a couple treats and toys to fill their stockings up 🎄🤶 @biskyandpebby

  • Leslie Thomasse

    Early November we adopted Stella (7) and Eddie (6), a mum and son duo who had been in rescue for quite some time. Since joining us, they have been spoilt with lots of toys, sleeping on beds, and of course – the Kitty Tall Cubby Playground. This Christmas will be spent with lots of cuddles and love by our family with 6, chasing balls, playing in wrapping paper and hiding in cardboard boxes. @leslie_thomasse

  • Janus

    Oops forgot our Instagram handle
    @puffygingergirl ❤️

  • Janus

    When we cook up a feast for Christmas Mika’s gonna have some Christmas ham, yummy chicken, maybe even a lobster! She’ll be spoiled like always :)

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